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Gamerz Heaven

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Hello, everyone! [12 Sep 2014|01:21pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I posted about this years ago (2009 ahhh!), but it never really got off the ground. However, now I have much more free time & (thankfully) much better Japanese skills, so I thought this might be a good time.

I was wondering if anyone would like to get starting on scanlating the series again? I would love to translate, but I need someone to scan the chapters & possible someone to letter/edit the scans with the translations. For anyone looking into getting into the manga business, it might be even something you could put in a portfolio. :)

I did a quick google search, & even though the series has been licensed, no updates have been made in years. So, yes! I thought it might be nice to give it a shot!

Please comment here if you're interested!

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Gamerz Heaven pencil board sale! [11 Oct 2010|12:14pm]

Hi all,

I'm selling a super cute Gamerz Heaven shitajiki / pencil board [[ HERE ]] , together with lots of other anime goods!
Please feel free to take a look. Thank you!
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[20 Mar 2010|11:20pm]

[ mood | calm ]

 Good day,
I'm new on this community.
Actually, I'd read GH manga long time ago, but I've just find this community.
I'm so glad I can find this community^^
Is Murakami-sensei doesn't finish the manga? I've been waiting the volume 5... TT_TT

Just unimportant info, my fave character is Kaito. And my fave pairing is Ren x Kaito^^
(I read the GHDC #2 Kaito ver. and GHDC Toumei (RenxKaito) ...xD Sooo... yaoi!)

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Scanlations! [30 Aug 2009|10:07pm]

About a year ago, a couple of us set out to get together some 3rd volume Gamerz Heaven scanlations, but, well, that kind of fizzled out after the first chapter...

So! I was wondering if anyone would like to get involved with that again? The first chapter was translated last year, so we would need to begin with the second chapter. I am available for translations/editing, but I need someone to scan the chapters. (Also, I definitely wouldn't mind having another Japanese-English translator helping me out, if there's anyone out there. ;])

I have a second request: I noticed that the original link for the first chapter of volume 3 is down, & I have lost the original file. Does anyone still have that chapter? If so, would they mind uploaded it, so I could change the link? It would definitely be helpful!

Thanks, & hopefully we can get this ball rolling again!
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Icons coming through [06 Aug 2008|11:09pm]

Hope you guys don't mind me putting some more icons up. I've been busy making more and I plan on doing some of other characters other then just Nata, who I now RP x3.(though there still will be a lot of Nata icons for that reason..) Anyway, I hope you guys like these, some are better then others.

[Gamerz Heaven]
Nata- 27
Lost Soul- 1

01 02 03
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GH Volume 3, Chapter 10 [06 Aug 2008|11:03am]

The first chapter of volume 3 is done! I'm sorry it took so long - this was the first time I've scanlated something, so it took me a little while to get used to some stuff. Also, I cannot vouch that my translations are 100% correct because I am not absolutely fluent (I ran into two phrases that took a whole lot of research to get the translations), but I am pretty sure I got the feeling and wording of what Murakami wanted the characters to say & act. ;]

Two things first:
1) I did resize the original scans a bit, but I still kept them large in case people want to make graphics. (HINT!)
2) I had some issues with font sizing in the first couple of pages, so I am sorry if they are hard to read. The issues were resolved as I worked through the chapter, so don't worry.

Chapter 10Collapse )
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Mod Post ; Scanlations, Possible New Layout, & Don't Forget! [26 Jul 2008|09:35pm]

I have a bit of news! Thanks to instant_freak scanning chapters for us, demizeku_otp & I will be taking turns scanlating Volume 3 & 4! We do ask for your patience, but we will do our best to finally get these volumes in English.

Also! I've realized we've had the same layout for a long, long time now. I'm thinking that we need a new one, but I really wanted to know what you guys think. First off, would anyone like to donate their layout skills to this cause? Hahah, I can't really think of any compensation to back it up, though! Anyway, if no one volunteers, I don't mind doing it. ;] (Just might take a bit!)

Lastly & as always, don't forget to stop up Murakami's webpage every once in a while. Right now she has a Gamerz Heaven illustration on her top page! (The writing on the picture says Crocodile Avenue.)

I also wanted to thank everyone for their posts - it's good to see people still enjoying this series even with the lack of new material!
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G'day [25 Jul 2008|06:00pm]

Hey everyone, hope you don't mind another new face to the community.
I'm Civil and I started reading Gamerz Heaven about 3 weeks or so ago. Only on Volume 2 but that's for obvious reasons and feel in love with the series right off the bat. Lost Soul is my favorite character fallowed by Rush and Nata.

Reading through some of the previous entries this place looks pretty nice and you all seem friendly so I'm pretty excited to be able to meet you all.

On another note, I'm planning on Apping Nata at one of IJ roleplay comms which means I'll be busy making icons for him. Can't say they're anything great but I'll be more then happy to share them. 

So heres the first 5 out of the 100, I'm planning to make;

1) 2)   3)   4)   5)

*Just please credit~
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Hello! [21 Jul 2008|11:27pm]

Hello there! I'm new to this community; just joined in.
I have been reading Gamerz Heaven for a long time, and now I stumbled over this community.
You guys have been talking about it, that you'd need scans of the Japanese version of Gamerz Heaven, haven't you?
Well, if you've got none to this point, I guess I could help with that. I have the books 3 and 4 in Japanese.
I could scan them so that the text is readable, though I wouldn't want to break the spines of the books, so the pages would be a bit twisted.
But, someone's said there's the Chinese scans, so the English translation could be put on them, and the Japanese pages used only for the translating project.
If this sounds okay, feel free to leave a comment and I'll know should I start the scanning project (but, I'm not the fastest at scanning out there seeing I have a crappy scanner machine, so please, be patient).
I myself am too unexperienced with Japanese, so I am unable to translate the whole books on my own. I get some parts, but not at all all of them. That's why I'm trying to be a help even in the way of giving scans to someone who knows Japanese better.
The series just is so good, that it's a pity everyone who wants to read it haven't been able to do that.

Oh, and I guess I'll tell you as a not-so-important fact that Rush is my favorite character. xD
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G H scans 4 volumes [08 Apr 2008|06:43pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]


Just want to share some info
For those who like to see some Gamerz Heaven scans 4 volumes.
Awesome [info]shou_kitsune  scans it.
Under tag gamerz heaven.
It's in chinese, but I'm sure it'll satisfy our curiosity. :D 

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Fanfiction as promised [23 Nov 2007|03:39am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

X-posted at my journal, gamerz_heavn, smallfandomyaoi, & shota.

As some of you may or may not know I wanted to do this story for a while and promised to work on it once I got to college... Then I found out my roommate likes to stand behind me and read over my shoulder. Yeah... Writing got delayed due to that... I had something more sexy planned but instead it turned kinda fluffy... I hope you all enjoy it ^-^ If you do, please share with a friend! <3

Title: Gamerz Heaven- Cheats
Author: Arukas
Series: Gamerz Heaven
Pairing: Kaito/Nata
Disclaimer: These characters are all property of Maki Murakami. This story is completely and utterly fictional, and doesn’t support real life sex with underaged personages nor underaged video games.
Summary: Every video game has cheat codes, Gamerz Heaven is no acceptation.
Warnings for this chapter: oneshot, slight AU, shota, m/m, anal, oral, handjob, male masturbation, unprotected sex
Rating for this chapter: NC-17
Background: There’s not enough Gamerz Heaven smut out there. And since I can’t read Japanese, nor Chinese, I only know what happens in volumes 1 and 2. And especially since the series hasn’t been finished yet, it very well could be contradictory to what Maki is planning for this series. But for sake of argument, let’s just say it’s a slight alternative universe… They have unlimited saves and aren’t ALWAYS fighting monsters.
Word Count: 3,055

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Please comment & credit. [21 Oct 2007|07:55pm]

3 Air Gear (anime, manga)
1 Eternal Sonata (video game)
10 Gamerz Heaven (manga)
6 Lovely Complex (manga)
10 Prince of Tennis (doujinshi, past TeniMyu actors)

The rest are here.
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Possible translations? [20 Oct 2007|07:13pm]

I've been thinking a lot lately about picking up an "extracurricular" translating project, & Gamerz Heaven has definitely been number one on my list.

So... Does anyone have high quality scans of volumes 3 and 4 in Japanese? Or would anyone be willing to scan them?

I can't really say how fast I'd be willing to translate & edit the scans, but I have always wanted to do something like this, so I guess there is no hurt in trying!

Actually, now that I think about it... Would anyone want me to begin translating from the first or second volumes? I know it's pretty hard to find those two in English anymore, so a few people may have never been able to read the English versions.
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5 icons [31 Aug 2007|06:23am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Only five because I haven't been making many GH icons:

Five a dayCollapse )

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Introduction [23 Aug 2007|04:45am]

[ mood | geeky ]


A few of you have seen me commenting on your earlier posts. And seeing as how I'm the newest newbie hear I suppose an introduction is order. Please treat me kindlyCollapse )

Well that was boring =/ I hope no one wasted their time actually reading it... The important thing would be thins: I really hope to become an active member here and that perhaps others would do the same ^-^ I can't offer much, technology baffles me... Once I get moved into my dorm I plan on writing a fic or 2 (just a couple more days, yay! =D). Then I want to make icons but about the most I can do is cropping and adding on text ^^; I don't even know how to animate or color. So if fandom here is desperate enough to accept what I have to give then I'd be happy to share :)


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[30 Nov 2006|01:18pm]

Only one icon to share, but if you'd like to see other non-GH related icons, I made a post here.

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Hello! [21 Oct 2006|06:15pm]

Hello! This is just your rather over-homeworked mod, Pixie. ^^; Sorry it's been so quite lately, but I haven't had much time to implement any new plans, let alone think of new ideas. Break is coming in about a month so hopefully we'll have something then!

Until then, I'd like to remind you all to check Murakami's page every once in a while. Even if you cannot read Japanese, every once in a while she posts a new sketch from GH.

There needs to more Rush on Ren's mind in my opinion. ;x

In the meantime, don't forget that you are always welcome to post fan works! Art, fiction, icons, anything! Questions are welcome, too, but please look back in previous posts to see if they have been answered already.
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Stupid ADV! [06 Oct 2006|12:31am]

Since ADV is not going to be releasing anymore Gamerz Heaven for awhile, will someone pleeeeease explain what happens after book two?

Oh! And that one page in book two near the end where Ren and Rio are talking about Kaito and Kyoko. Is Rio saying Ren wants to hook up with Kaito or what? The speech bubbles confuse me.

Yeah, now you probably think I'm dumb, but srsly! I stared at it and was like 'Who is saying what?'.
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New~ [07 Aug 2006|06:21pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey all, I'm new to this community but not really to Gamerz Heaven. I've like it for awhile and am still hoping ADV will release the next volumes >.>

So, glad to be a part of this community :D

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[07 Aug 2006|02:53pm]

Does anyone have scans from the Third and Fourth Gamerz Heaven mangas? Or the Director's Cuts that haven't been scanslated by hack the mainstream?

I'm dying to read more, but it seems adv hasn't published anything for a long time now.
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