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{ V i R T U A L ; ; }

がんばって, スズキ!

Gamerz Heaven
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This is a community dedicated to the manga by Maki Murakami - Gamerz Heaven.

- - Respect each other. Rude comments or posts never do any good & will only result in angering the community. Debates are fine as long as they are kept friendly.
- - Any fanfic or fanart must be put behind a LJ cut, no matter the size. Icon posts are welcome as long as no more than 3 teasers are left out of the cut. No one likes littered friends pages, right?
- - Any posts are welcome as long as they pertain to Gamerz Heaven, its characters, or Maki Murakami. If you feel that your post might not be suited for the community, contact a moderator and ask. ♥

comic_blade - - A community dedicated to the monthly magazine that publishes Gamerz Heaven.
Crocodile Ave - - Maki Murakami's doujinshi circle.
4-bit polygon filled head, area master, final boss, gamerz heaven, games, gate, itsuki hinase, kaito suzuki, kyoko kawashima, maki murakami, manga, mr. sakashita, murakami, nata, navigator, ogura, polygons, ren serizawa, rio nanjo, rush, second zone, tada, video games, yoshida